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Disease Control Program

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The Disease Control Program includes both the communicable and non-communicable diseases. The communicable diseases include food and water-borne diseases, immunisable diseases, AIDS / HIV, vector-borne diseases and other communicable diseases.

Dengue fever poses as a major problem in our district. However with the co-operation from other agencies, we managed to control the problem.

  • Fogging is done whenever there is dengue case in a locality.

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The District of Melaka Tengah has 3 potential entry points for imported diseases, namely the Batu Brendam Airport, Sunagi Udang Port and Quayside Port. To date no imported cases of yellow fever or plague has been detected through these entry points.

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Aedes and rats' ticks survey is a very important activity in these areas.

The non-communicable diseases include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, motor vehicles accident, alcohol and substances abuse. Most of the problems were tackled at the yearly themed healthy life style campaign. This year theme is 'exercise for your health'.

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