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Maternal Health Services

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Beside from the routine outpatient services provided, a special attention for women are given through the antenatal and family planning services. The aim of the services is to promote a healthy development of women in their reproductive age group.

Activities in an antenatal care services:

  • Mothers weight and blood pressure are monitored to ensure normal growth of the fetus as well as to identify high risk mothers.


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  • Hemoglobin (Hb) level of the mothers are  determined once in a month. Any mothers with Hb level less than 10 gram % is considered anaemic.
  • Pregnant mothers in the district are routinely given iron tablet, Vitamin C, B complex and folic acid tablet.
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  • History taking is very important to identify possible risk factors among pregnant mothers.
  • The abdomen is palpated by a community nurse to assess the growth of the fetus. She will be referred to the doctor or to the hospital if  any abnormality detected.

The family planning services are available at the Maternal Health Clinics. We offer various methods of family planning to married couples. These methods are chosen by mothers for family spacing; to allow mothers physical and emotional condition to recover to normal and to ensure good and proper care of their children.

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  • A nurse explaining to a mother how to take OCP(oral contraceptive pills) appropriately.




PAP smear services is available for screening of cervical cancer. All married ladies are advice to do it.The first two procedures will be done in a year interval, then once in every 3 years. For those above 40 years old, it is advisable to do it every year. The best time to do the procedure is 10th to 14th day after the 1st day of menses.

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  • A mother is undergone PAP smear procedure. The response is very good since the launching of Healthy Life Campaign 1995 - Cancer.




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