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Child Health Services

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The aim of Child Health Program is to promote and maintain an optimal level of health and development among children from infancy to school going age which is 7 years old . The activities in the program are :



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  • Weighing and measuring the height of a child is a part of physical assessment of the child growth Any deviation from normal growth need to be investigated for any medical problem.




  • Developmental assessment - to detect any delayed milestones in a child. An early intervention will prevent disabilities.



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  • Immunisation against 7 communicable diseases; namely tuberculosis, hepatitis B, diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, measles and polio. This immunisation program is recommended by WHO through its Expanded Scope of Immunization (EPI).



Breast Feeding Campaign

Breast feeding room is available at every health centres. The purpose of the room is to provide privacy for mothers breast feeding their child. Pamphlets and posters regarding breast feeding are placed here.

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Malnutrition Defiency Program

The Malnutrition Deficiency Program was introduced in 1989. Any children with poor physical development secondary to social problems are given a food basket. The contain of the basket are food with high calories and energy such as flour, biscuit, margarine and others for the consumption of the child. The basket will be given once a month. At present no study has been conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

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