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Expanded Scope Program

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The mental health services are integrated into the health services since 1997. The aim are to improve compliance of diagnosed psychiatric cases and to allow early diagnosis and treatment of new cases. At present only Ujong Pasir Health Centre is chosen to implement the above concept.

The services for children with special needs was traditionally handled by the hospital. Now it is integrated into the health center for better compliance and follow-up. Our pilot project will be in Cheng Health Center. We will work together with the Occupational Therapy Unit of Malacca Hospital.

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A special room for therapy
of the children

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Nurses were trained on doing the
therapy for the special children

The population always think that health centres are meant for sick people only. We also provide services to the healthy population in our "Well Adult Clinic" at melaka Tengah Health Centre. We conduct the session in several phases to cater for the large population in the district.

A Health Book will be given to all individuals to state their present health status.

Besides weight, height and blood pressure measurements, the hemoglobin level, blood sugar level and cholesterol level will also be tested. ECG will only be done for symptomatic patients.

The elderly is regarded as a special group requiring attention and care. Special services are provided for them through the Elderly Clinics. Currently this service is only provided at Sungai Udang Health Centre. We are extending the home care nursing services for the elderly when our human resources are adequate.

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